We tend to wonder if we have time to do things and focus on making more time to get things done, but this Forbes article asks if we might be going about things all wrong, suggesting we should be worried about taking control of our energy instead of our time.

It makes sense when you think about it. All the time in the world won’t do you any good if you’re so tired that you sleep through it and if you never sleep and fail to restore your energy, you aren’t going to get much done during your waking hours anyway.

The article writer at Forbes has first hand experience of just what happens when you focus exclusively on time management and ignore your energy -she suffered a breakdown just before one of her books was released. That’s why she suggests five easy tips to start managing your energy rather than your time.

One of her biggest messages seems to be that doing everything you ever dreamed of in life will mean nothing if you don’t take a step back to appreciated it.

Original Source – 5 Tips For Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time [Forbes]

Do you take a long time to wake up, start feeling groggy after lunch, go home exhuasted and fall asleep early?: How To Increase Your Energy Levels

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