How Keeping Things Simple Makes You A Productive Entrepreneur


Running your own business is a complicated affair; making it successful can be even more complicated.  If you don’t have a plan to be productive and keep focused, the details that you are responsible for can quickly overwhelm you.  In fact, one of the biggest failings of new entrepreneurs is to get so caught up in an avalanche of unimportant details that more important priorities get left unattended on the table.

What can you do to be a productive entrepreneur, focused on what really matters?  Start by making your life itself simpler – become a minimalist.

Simple life

Get up early, so that you don’t lose those most productive early hours.

Wake up early

Start your day with a bang.  here is some great advice from some highly productive people:

How to start your day

Work fast – don’t waste time with the many distractions waiting to tempt you.

Work fast

Think faster, too.  With so much to think about, the last thing you want to be is immobilized by indecision or grappling for thoughts.

Think fast

Original source – Funders and Founders

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