How to Deal With Information Overload


Up until recently, there was no such thing as information overload, but with 24 hour news cycles, blogs, social networks, viral videos and more, it’s hard not to have your mind bogged down with news, messages, trivia and the like.

If you find yourself losing productivity because you are too distracted with information overload, this infographic can help. It has interesting statistics on the problem which would only add to the issue were it not for the number of tips the infographic provides to help you cut through the distractions so you can better prioritize and focus on what you need to do during the day.

As a blogger, I can’t take advantage of most of these tips because my job largely depends on staying up-to-date on news and social media, but I can still see how useful these tips would be if I was doing practically any other job.

how-to-deal-with information overload

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