If you find the GTD system to be too confusing, time consuming, etc. give WSD a try. WSD is a simpler form of staying organized which is based on making sure you have a writing utensil and note card on you at all times. After you take notes on your note card, leave the note card in the appropriate location to complete the task. For example, if you are writing notes (or next actions) for tasks that need to be completed on the computer, leave the note card next to the computer. It’s sort of a common sense (and less time sensative) method of staying organized by completing your “next actions” when they land in your lap. The Smallist weblog details the process of WSD much more thoroughly:

The basic problem with GTD is that for someone starting from complete disorganization, it’s too grandiose. I’m a fan of baby steps — incremental improvements that reward you enough to keep you playing.

Head over to Smallist to get all the details of WSD.

Having trouble with GTD? Try WSD – [Small List]

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