GTD with RTM: Getting Things Done with Remember The Milk


Remember The Milk is a pretty cool web app. As we introduced it before, it has many great features, including integration with Google Calendar. Now, what if could applies the GTD system onto Remember the Milk. Recently The Republic of Geektronica posts a tutorial on integrating Getting Things Done framework to RTM. Take a look how they implement the GTD context:

RTM supports tags, and GTD suggests specifying a context for each action that you have to take. For example, some actions have to be done at home (e.g. taking out the trash). When you’re at home, pull up the @home tag, and you’ll see all the things you need to do there.

To tag an item, check it (or check multiple items to tag them all), then hit “s” on the keyboard. Type the tag, and hit enter twice. Hit escape to un-check the todo item, and you’re done.

Use @contextname to distinguish context tags from other types of tags. Making your context tags begin with @ will not only distinguish them from other tasks; it will also put them at the top of your tag cloud (which is as David Allen intended).

I also set up an @read context tag for things I have to read (I figured that would be better than @bathroom, which would be the more literally application of the context-tagging principle).

GTD with RTM: Getting Things Done with Remember The Milk
– [The Republic of Geektronica]

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