Have you ever dreamed of growing a garden inside your home?

Maybe you’re prone to allergies or you’re located in an area that gets a lot of bad weather. Regardless the reason you have for wanting an indoor growing space, the Niwa system is what you need.

The box type growing system is smart, efficient and clean.

It also comes with an app that you can use to monitor your plants. There are several presets depending on the type of garden you’re cultivating. Because plants grow in different stages, the system adjusts to the natural requirements of your vegetation.

Niwa is perfect for first time growers. The humidity, sunlight and alarms magically adapts to your little ones, allowing more time for you to run errands, go to work or sleep.

Overall, this growing kit is unique due to its powerful electronic features.

Niwa: The world’s first smartphone-controlled growing system | Kickstarter

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