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Get into the Zone at Work

The That Voodoo You Do weblog describes how to get into the wonderfully absorbed state of mind that makes time fly by and greatly improves the quality of your work. The TVYD weblog describes this state of mind quite nicely:

We’ve all had the experience where we’ve become so completely absorbed in our work that time flies by, the outside world is a million miles away, and our talents flow freely. These episodes can be deeply gratifying, and some of our best work comes out of them. So, what causes this, and more importantly, how can we make it happen more often?

The article goes on to explain why flow should matter to you, the two ways to get into the flow, the nine components of flow, and how to battle and conquer external interruptions. The article is very nicely written and worth the read.

Flow: Get into the Zone at Work – [That Voodoo You Do]

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