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Gaining Focus With Certainty

Gaining Focus With Certainty

David Seah suggests there are two ways to gain focus in your work: one being danger [deadlines, money etc] and the other certainty.

In certainty, Seah is referring to something that you know is going to make you happy. With this certainty you are willing and able to focus entirely on any given task.

It’s important to make a distinction here: I am using “certainty” here in the emotional, not rational sense. I am fully aware that by following through on all these ideas I have will lead to greater opportunity and achievement. That’s very rational. However, I am not certain that these things will make me happy. I think they might, but having been in this position many times before (”if only I had a…”) I also know that this outcome is about as certain as betting on the weather.

Seah is talking more about where your happiness and creative drive lie. It’s no secret that doing something you like doing increases productivity and the likeliness you’ll actually do it, but how do you go about finding that out and being certain enough to follow through in full?

Certainty And Survival – [DavidSeah]

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