What’s the one common thing among world richest and most successful executives? The answer is coding. The superlative knowledge of programming set these folks ahead of their contemporaries. The ability to code boosts problem solving and lateral thinking skills, according to these stalwarts.

Did you know that all it takes is a line of code to start building a string of commands that can run a platform as big as Facebook? Mark Zuckerburg started from a dorm room and has reached at a pinnacle of success by knowing what 1/10th people in America don’t know – Coding!

These geniuses believe that the knowledge of coding is the closest thing to having super powers! Do you want to get the competitive edge too? Then enroll in a coding class today. In the meanwhile listen to how coding has helped these biggies, in their own words in this video from LearningTheSecret.

Featured photo credit: LearningTheSecret via goo.gl

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