From Boxes to Belts: DIY Organizing With Lego


You can make just about anything out of Lego. Whether it is a working V8 engine or a robot that can solve a Rubik’s Cube faster than a human, the possibilities are nearly limitless for the popular construction toy. But you might be looking for more practical things to do with your old box of building blocks.

These DIY organizational applications make sense, considering the modular design of Lego blocks that makes them suitable for any number of uses.

Lego Keychain + Holder


Have trouble keeping up with your keys? This project will give you a quirky way to locate them! Feel free to either drill your own hole into a Lego piece, or use part number 3176 to get the job done.





Did you know you can make candy dishes, bruit bowls, and decorative vases out of Lego? Why yes, the image above is a napkin holder in the shape of the Brooklyn Bridge.

These are just two of many more conversation-starting projects; check out the rest: 11 Ways Lego Can Organize Your Messy Life | Mashable

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