For The Future College Freshman


Over at Slugbooks they’ve been working on this handy guide for all you college freshmen, or for those who know someone who’s soon to become one. Are you excited? Are you a little bit nervous? This guide covers everything you’re going to need to know to make the experience a positive one.


Now, I’m English so I don’t have the American College experience to look forward to but I have seen movies about it so I have an exaggerated idea of what it’s like, which is close enough. Using this guide you can probably manoeuvre your way through a lot of the more challenging aspects of your first year of college. If you are feeling nervous try to remember everyone is a rookie in their freshman year; the experience is about actual academic lessons and life lessons.

Enjoy your classes, study hard, meet new people, please wear flip flops in the dorm bathrooms and have a good time!

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