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Find Free Dates With An Iteration List

Trying to organize a day where everyone is available? A work meeting or drinks with your enormous entourage; it can be difficult to find that one day when we’re all free. In comes the Iteration List.

This is a very simple, bare-bones, text-based calendar that allows each person to edit in their free and not-free days. Forward this one through everyone’s emails and you’ll have that special day set in a few hours.

Find Free Dates With An Iteration List

From this table, it’s easy to see what would be suitable dates for everyone (marked with “*”). The initiator of the sequence suggets Thursday 8th, and everyone agrees. And while they were at it, they agreed on holding the 15th as “tentative”, so that they get to continue the game if it’s not finished in time. One of the advantages of this calendar is of course that you can immediately see who might not make it – and while everyone is equal, missing someone might not be.

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