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Falling for Notebooks

Falling for Notebooks

A strange thing has happened over the years: people are falling in love with their notebooks. You can see this with the surge in Moleskine popularity and the huge following it has.

I must admit, however, that it’s not all justified. When you begin devoting some energy to writing in a notebook, particularly organizing or making a daily todo list, you become more addicted to it.

The second you have a new idea or another task, out comes the book. discusses this in a little more detail while developing a simple task action system called GSD [as opposed to GTD, getting things done].

But the strangest thing of all is that I’m finding that I have less and less need for any sort of organizational scheme. I’ve found that the physical act of writing on paper – rather than pecking away on a keyboard or scribbling out something in Graffiti – actually helps me remember it much

It’s a another good start for anyone who asks the question, “what’s with all these notebooks?”

Falling hard for a pad of paper – [Utilware]

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