Dynamically create RSS feeds for RSS-less Web sites


Okay, that’s an exhaustive title, but with Feedity you can create a dynamic RSS feed for a Web site if it does not already have one. Most Web sites use RSS, but occasionally I find Web sites that don’t (for example: College Journal, IMDB). Feedity does all the work for you, all you need to do is enter the URL of your favorite RSS-less Web site and it will dynamically create an RSS feed for you.

Web feeds are blossoming into the de facto protocol used by many websites as the means of distributing their news and information. However, not all websites support this feature yet. The goal of Feedity is to dynamically create RSS web feeds from such webpages. Feedity will take virtually any web page, and convert it into a fully formed web feed.

Create RSS feeds – [Feedity]

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