Draw 50: The Productivity Game


John Richardson at Success Begins Today introduces a great game that can motivate yourself to complete any dreaded jobs that no one wants to do – called 50 minute productivity game. You simply work with your partner. First, both tip in an incentive like $10. Then, write down all the tasks that required to be done on a set of cards. Shuffle those cards and pick one randomly. Now, with the task, you have to perform that task for the next 50 minutes to receive the incentive. The good thing is that it is fun; you know both you and your partner will need to do a task for the next 50 minutes; you won’t be unhappy about the task because you’ve randomly picked up; and you will be motivated with an incentive for both you and your partner.

John also provided a card template for you to print out as well.

Draw 50: The Productivity Game – [Success Begins Today]

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