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Just as you occasionally need to clean out a closet, you may also need to “clean out” your career to enable a focused and productive mindset, and to create expectations for advancement. The article goes into detail about how to handle distractions, conflicts, email overload, and distracting colleagues so you can accelerate your career.

Just as it can be helpful to clear out closets at home every so often, it’s a good idea to declutter your career periodically. By removing the stuff that gets in the way, you can free up time, brain power and energy, enabling you to enjoy work more and improve your performance.”

Distractions. Identify tasks that you can cast off. “Decluttering has everything to do with ensuring that the actions you do on a daily basis are going to help your No. 1 priority.”

Conflicts. Avoiding a difficult colleague or project can detract from your at-work effectiveness.

Email overload. A cluttered inbox can give the impression that you have more to do than you actually do.

Chatterboxes. Chit-chat has its place at work, but excessive socializing can be a drain when you’re trying to get things done. To politely escape from a colleague who tends to blab, say you have a deadline to meet, and offer to get together at another time, such as during your lunch break.

Declutter Your Career To Make Way for Success – [The College Journal]

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