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David Allen's Reasons For Getting Things Done

David Allen’s Reasons For Getting Things Done

For those readers not yet familiar with David Allen’s Getting Things Done philosophy, I would forward you to our GTD section and this article written by Brett Kelly for Lifehack.

Also, if you are interested in getting started getting things done, this summary of another David Allen book, Ready For Anything, is a great start.

Lifemuncher have taken 13 points from the book [so far] that outline what you can get out of the GTD system. It’s a good idea to become familiar with some reason why you would get into GTD before you actually get started.

3. Knowing your commitments creates better choices of new ones.
“If you don’t know the current inventory of your work, you won’t be fully aware of what you can’t do.” You need to practice concentration and cooperation. You need to cooperate with your world (job), knowing what really needs to be done, and concentrate on what’s really important.

Ready for Anything – Part One – [Lifemuncher]

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