Create Your Own Productivity Scaffolding

What are we talking about when we talk about scaffolding for productivity? We’re talking about setting up a framework for your work day. Something that is going to support and reinforce what you do and, most importantly, set straight any issues or problems that are regularly occurring.

Steve Pavlina outlines what his scaffolding looks like; an hour ‘set-up’ before and after his work day.

To create your own scaffold, you need to identify where you’ve become “crooked” and what needs to be done to straighten yourself out. Almost always this will require crafting a process to refocus your attention. For example, you may want a morning scaffold that puts in the state of mind where you’re so focused on your goals that you wouldn’t even consider wasting your time on idle web surfing.

Your mornings usually set the pace for the rest of the day. Keep that in mind when you notice some cracks in your day.

How to Create a Personal Productivity Scaffold – [StevePavlina]

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