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Clutter 101: Why Do We Keep Clutter?

The Organize It weblog has posted the first article in a series that explains why we feel the inclination to keep so much stuff. The post also offers advice on how to figure out if it is finally time to just throw something away:

It’s expensive/It cost me a lot of money
Well if its lumped in with your clutter, its either served its purpose or been a big waste of money unfortunately. Either way, deal with it! Its costing you even more money to have it stuck around taking up room. Try selling it if its worth that much, but if its not shifting, see below…

I might be able to sell it on someday
Why do you think you can or will sell it in the future? Whats stopping you from selling it now and clearing some space? If its some sort of investment like an antique or collectors item store it in an appropriate place (remember, I’ve said it before and its corny but a place for everything and everything in its place), otherwise put it on eBay or have a car-boot sale. Get rid of it now.

It might come in useful one day
If you have already had the item for a while and you haven’t used it, its safe to assume you are not going to be needing it any time soon. Simple really.

Clutter 101: Why Do We Keep Clutter – [Organize It]

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