Bring your plans to life with PlanHQ


Similar to the previously mentioned JourneyPage, PlanHQ is a website that helps you “take your static document out of the bottom drawer and into the real world.” A vague description, I know…Plan HQ is really a resource to help you do the following:

See the goals you have upcoming for completion over the next few months. Find out which goals your team feels confident about completing, and which ones are struggling.

Key Indicators
See a quick overview of your business’ financial performance compared to your forecasts.

Action Plan
See the actions you and team members have to take in order to complete your business goals.

Recent Activity
See what has been going on in your business plan recently.

Unfortunately, PlanHQ does have a fee. Have any of you tried PlanHQ? If you have, please share your opinion with us in the comments.

Bring your plans to life with PlanHQ – [PlanHQ]

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