BleamCard: The Business Card Of The Future Has Arrived


Are you having a difficult time standing out during a job interview or expo?

Try using BleamCard to create a new business card experience for the people you meet during events.

The new technology relies on an app to scan a simple card, in order to unlock its features. From a distance, the BleamCard looks like any ordinary business card, but a closer look will tell you a different story.


Using the app, one is able to include his or her professional online profiles, including LinkedIn and Google+. As an owner of the business card, individuals can track views, making it easy to determine the impact of the small profile.

Should something not work out, one can make adjustments to the card without needing to reprint a new batch. The BleamCard also allows businesses to feature their website, products or profiles, allowing potential clients to save the links in the process.

BleamCard: the smart business card | Indiegogo

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