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Are You Steering Away From Your Fears?

Somebody might take your job, you might lose your house, your car might break down, or your partner might cheat on you.

That all might happen. Perhaps it has before and you’re terrified of it happening again? That’s understandable. Fear is a good thing so long as you use it to guide you away from previous mistakes.

Unfortunately, most of us treat the things we fear like the mailbox from Driver’s Ed. Remember?

If you stare at the mailbox you’re going to drive smack into it. Notice it enough so you don’t hit it but don’t stare at it and smash my car up. – Mr. Hsu, Driver’s Ed Instructor

Recognize your fears but don’t obsess or you’ll continue to give yourself more reasons to be afraid! Your peripheral vision is better than you think. Let it keep track of the things you fear so you don’t crash into them.

You know I’m a big fan of short lists. Here’s one you can make that might actually help you reach some of your general goals:

List one of your fears. Beside it, list the polar opposite of your fear. That is, the preferred solution. For example:

Losing my home | Being debt-free

Imagine: You’re driving home from work. You’re exhausted and don’t feel like making dinner even though you’ve got all the ingredients at home. You see Taco Bell. You love Taco Bell. But think of your list. If you’re a smart cookie you’ve got a copy of your list in the car with you.

Are you going to steer toward losing your home or toward being debt-free?

Taco Bell with extra fear sauce tastes absolutely wretched. Do the right thing.

Image: LunaDiRimmel

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