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(Leon’s going to poke me for this). I haven’t gone to the forums much yet. I’ve focused on putting up front-page material, and hadn’t really taken the time to see what the Community was about. Wow! There’s lots going on there. So, imagine my surprise when someone has come to YOU asking for help. Beijaflor writes:

Gentlepeople I live in a society in Asia that isnt really into ‘support’ systems or support groups. So i hope i might find something here. I have trouble planning my work week and work day for myself. I can do it for anyone else, i can help them focus, stay on track, plan, followup, motivate, inspire, i can do almost all that is needed to help someone else but when it comes to myself… too much..too overwhelming. I do my best but i coast. If i could plan and increase my productivity by just another 20- 30% i could shine. Of course there are other ’emotional’ issues tied to lack of productivity and procrastination but let me stay on the topic of planning. So can others share how they plan thier day week and thier day.. other than lists and how do you all stay on track? Is there a ‘buddy’ system for this board/forum where we can help each other ?

Come visit the forums, and give Beijaflor some ideas. We know you have them! In abundance! Planning- Help at Last? – [submitted by Beijaflor]

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