Similar to this Jott and Gmail hack, you can similarly use Jott to add tasks directly to Outlook using your cellphone. The Primoris weblog details how to automate this process:

Getting Things Done is all about having an airtight way of collecting ideas for things that need to be accomplished. But how do you capture ideas that occur at the most inconvenient times such as driving, in the board room, at your child’s play, or while enjoying an evening out with your spouse? Using a new service called Jott, you can now seal up the cracks in the way you collect information by adding tasks directly into Outlook using an ordinary cellphone.

Here’s how it works. Jott is a Web 2.0 service that allows you to call in with any phone, leave a message, and will save the message with its transcription into your Jott account. If you click an option to send yourself an e-mail whenever a new Jott is added, you will then receive an e-mail with a subject line of the message you just left.

Having an e-mail in your inbox with your transcribed thought as the subject is handy, but we take it a step further and set up a custom rule in Outlook to run a little bit of VBA code to convert this new e-mail into a task. Once you’re back at the PC, you can interact with the task just as you would any other–assign a due date, add categories, etc.

Add Tasks Directly Into Outlook Using Your Cellphone – [Primoris via Lifehacker]

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