7 Steps To Finally Complete That Project

Those elusive projects that always stay undone could benefit from a red, hot go, as Leo Babauta suggests, instead of slowly chipping away at it.

However, you need a plan. These steps cover everything from setting your time up to resolving the project at the end. Won’t you feel awesome once you get this one done?

4. Make a project modular. Similarly, sometimes there’s a project where it would be impossible to do all in one go. It might be too large, or sometimes you have to wait for certain things to happen before moving to the next phase of the project. In those cases, see how you can make the project modular, so that you can complete one module of the project all at once, and then worry about the rest of the project later.

One step that may be missing, in the beginning, is how to define whether a project would benefit from cranking out the work or maintaining a regular attack on completing it.

Do you think some projects are better left to be completed slowly?

It’s You! Able to Leap Tall Projects in a Single Bound
– [WebWorkerDaily]

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