4 GTD Basics To Help Get Started, properly

4 GTD Basics To Help Get Started, properly

We’ve covered a few posts regarding getting started using GTD, David Allen’s Getting Things Done system. It definitely requires some discipline and training, really, to get working well.

Kelly Forrister brings to light four steps that are important to creating a system that works for you, because no one GTD process works for everyone.

1. Start with what you know.

“…start with a tool you already know. Lots of people start with paper lists for this reason. That alleviates the immediate pressure of mastering a new software program. If you go digital, make sure the program you choose doesn’t overcomplicate things.”

2. Populate your system as thoroughly as you can and review it regularly.

“The best way I know of for my brain to trust my lists (more than holding it in my brain) is for my lists to become like my second brain.”

3. Make your system portable.

“Downloading stuff from your brain only works if you can access the lists you need, when you need them. If you’re at the hardware store on a Saturday and your lists are back at your office then you’ve trained your brain that off-loading your actions is not a good idea.”

4. Give yourself time to make it a habit.

“Good or bad, a habit takes about 28 to 32 days to get created. I suggest picking a list manager and trying that consistently for about 30 days.”

These points, I think, are crucial to coming up with a system that works. Not spending time developing the system upfront and building the tools as you become accustomed to each.


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