33 Productivity Boosters

33 Productivity Boosters

Is anyone calling Steve Pavlina a guru yet? On his blog he’s now added 33 rules that’ll boost your productivity.

What’s interesting about his list, because there are many, is the manner he’s phrased his introduction.

Steve begins by talking about heuristics. These are, very simply, little rules that guide you to a bigger solution or goal.

As you take action you begin to explore the solution space, which deepens your understanding of the problem. As you gain knowledge about the problem, you can make course corrections along the way, gradually improving your chances of finding a solution.

Thinking about self-improvements in this way allow some room to breath. You’re not trying to solve a big problem with one big solution, because sometimes, as Steve says, you don’t really know what the big problem is.

As for productivity, it’s very general. So in attempting actions that could improve your productivity, you’ll find an easier path to your productive goals.

In GTD this is prevalent in all the differing methods individuals have taken. Digital vs Paper, for instance. The rules in GTD help you come up with your own GTD system. One that suits you.

33 Rules to Boost Your Productivity – [StevePavlina]

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