24 More Freelancing Tips

24 More Freelancing Tips

Only because we posted a list of 22 tips and habits from successful freelancers a few days ago, we’ve got 24 more for you.

Always get at least 25% in advance
Clients almost never know what they need. For example most people want to have a website for all the wrong reasons. Because their competitor made a website, because they read on a magazine that they should have a website and a million of other wrong reasons. The same goes for other industries such as publishing, graphic design and marketing.

As a result they may decide at any time that they want something completely different, or even that they are not interested in your product at all. By having them pay some money they “can’t” cancel the project or ask you for major changes.

In conclusion: Don’t spend a single second on a project you haven’t received money for (of course that excludes demos and previews). If a client refuses to pay at least 25% in advance don’t even bother considering him a client. I take 30% in advance and most people I know take 35% so 25% should be the minimum for every professional that respects himself.

Again, I’d like to ask how all you freelancers are coping. What are some pitfalls that you’ve fallen into?

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