17 Ways to be More Productive While Working From Home


Working from home can be incredibly rewarding, and the majority of people who do it find they are much more satisfied with their jobs. Unfortunately, the transition can result in a major loss of productivity, especially during the first few months. If you want to start working from home, but are worried you won’t be able to maintain your productivity or if you’re already working from home and want to increase your productivity, has a great list of 17 ways to increase your productivity from home. Among their many useful suggestions, the following are particularly important:

  • Schedule your important tasks to be done first thing in the morning.
  • Plan your daily tasks based on the time you spend not working, including breakfast, lunch and relaxation time.
  • Setup a specific time to check email, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • You need energy and motivation to stay effectively productive. If you are running out of energy, take a break.

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