10 Windows Alternatives to Quicksilver

10 Windows Alternatives to Quicksilver

Reading about the great productivity wonders that can be achieved through Mac’s Quicksilver app makes many Windows users jealous, myself included.

Scott Hanselman does the good thing and rounds up ten Windows alternatives that can get similar jobs done. Launching programs from a few keyboard shortcuts is fantastic fun, but completely replicating Quicksilver on a Windows machine is another thing.

  1. Slickrun
  2. SmartStartMenu
  3. slimKEYS
  4. Colibri – The closest thing so far, IMHO, to Quicksilver on Windows, although this little gem has a slow startup time, it runs fast! It’s being actively developed and promises integration with a dozen third party programs.
  5. Launchy
  6. AppRocket
  7. ActiveWords
  8. Dave’s Quick Search Bar
  9. Google Desktop
  10. Find and Run Robot

We’ll be running some more detailed implication of these programs here at Lifehack in the future. Which do you guys recommend?

Replacing Start Run – The Quest Continues
– [Hanselman] Via [LifeClever]

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