Only one out of three Americans manages to keep a household budget, but times are maybe up for some changes due to the availability of ultra modern tools to keep track of finances. It’s true, more and more apps are out in the market and a lot of them are free. The question is: Are we too slow to embrace them? Well I’m bit hesitant, but I think so. Anyway, you’ll know the truth once you see the results of a research conducted by the editors of Master of Finance Degrees. They’re shown in our featured data visualization.

Moving on, do you use apps to manage your finances? If you belong to the older generations, chances are you don’t. Or, if you are between the ages of 45 and 54, most probably you’re part of the few who constitute only 11.3%. On the contrary, if your age ranges from 25 to 34, then in all probability, you’re using several money management apps. In truth, you’re part of the 25.3% of the apps users.


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