Ask the Advisor has an exhaustive list of 136 tips for college students to save money. I wish I had seen this list when I was still in school. Many of the tips are common sense, and I was able to come up with some of these tips during my own four-year journey. Although the tips are geared toward college students, many of the tips can be used by anyone. Some of the more general tips are listed below:

Avoid plastic. Use cards for emergencies, or pay off purchases before they accrue interest. If you need one, here’s how to get a secured card.

Pay on time. Seriously, so easy, but often ignored. Think of how much interest you save. Being late on a single payment increases your interest rate.

Avoid 0% APR cards. Unless you’re very disciplined and the normal rate is less than your current rate.

Ask for a better rate. Have good credit history? Ask for a better credit card rate.

Avoid the ATM. Fees will eat your savings. Withdraw a lump sum once, for the week, based on a budget.

Go natural. Do entertaining things that don’t cost money: visit friends, explore campus, hike, ride, skateboard, rollerblade, etc.

Take a lunch. College food courts are notoriously expensive.

Give up coffee. Or make a pot at home in the morning.

Count your coins. Do it yourself while watching TV. Use paper coin wrappers instead of losing nearly 10% in a coinstar machine.

Wait on the pets. At least until after college.

Re-gift. Can’t use all the gifts from uncles and aunts? Re-gift. Tacky? Maybe not.

136 Tips for Saving Money at College – [Ask the Advisor]

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