Swiffer Hacks to Save You Money


Swiffer may give cleaning a whole new meaning, but that meaning is a bit wasteful and expensive -especially if you throw away your sheets and dusters after every use. You don’t have to though; there are work arounds to help you reduce the trash your Swiffer produces and save money at the same time.


SquakFox has four tips to save you money, including flipping over the Swiffer sheet so you can use both sides, washing the sheets and dusters in a mesh lingerie bag, buying generics and, the most earth-friendly solution, using a microfiber washcloth in place of the sheets.

Swiffer Wet Jet cleaner

As for the Swiffer Wet Jets, Primal On a Dime has a recipe to make your own fluid for the device that’s made from vinegar and water and can save you about 95% compared to the official Wet Jet formula sold on Amazon.

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