Step Aside Bitcoin, A More Stable Cryptocurrency Has Arrived



Were you interested in Bitcoin but weren’t sure how to go about mining the virtual currency?

Like over 90% of the world, we too were confused about the mechanics of the new currency. By the time we wrapped our minds around the concept, it was too late. Bitcoin started fluctuating and it became too risky.

Now there’s a new cryptocurrency in town called RimBit.

Right now it’s still in the progress of funding, but it already looks promising. The founder promises an easy learning curve with powerful features. This allows anyone who is interested to come in and trade or mine Rimbit and still be able to hold a job or tend to a family.

As for the technical aspects of Rimbit, the difficulty level for mining the virtual currency is currently at 4. Bitcoin is at 6.1, meaning an average home rig won’t be able to get much after the loot has been divided.

Un Named Coin | Indiegogo

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