Simple Ways To Save $100 A Week

Simple Ways To Save $100 A Week

Getting out of debt or saving is all about building from scratch. It begins with a small amount here and there that gets larger and larger, getting you to the financial point you want.

Think of what putting away another $100 a week would do for you. How would you do it?

CashBulge has a popular article of 13 ways to get that extra money, simply. They aren’t entirely creative, as the title claims, but useful nonetheless.

7. Make your calendar work for you.
Haircuts, pedicures, manicures, massages, car wash, etc. If you do one of these activities (services) every 2 weeks, why not make it every 3-4 weeks? You can save a bundle by stretching these out over a longer period of time.

I’d like to hear some of your suggestions to build up a few more ideas on saving $100 a week easily.

13 Creative & Simple Ways to Save at Least $100 a Week – [CashBulge]

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