The idea behind the ‘price book’ is simple: you keep a book to write good prices for regular shopping items. This way keeping track of deals or rip-offs is easy, particularly for groups of people [like a sharehouse].

Save Money With A Price Book

Our shopper can buy 8-ounce cans of tomato sauce for a regular supermarket price of 32 cents. Her warehouse store sells bulk cans of tomato sauce for a sharply lower unit price. However, the best buy occurs when the supermarket puts 8-ounce cans on sale at 10 for $1.

Armed with the price book analysis, our shopper has learned to stock up on 8-ounce cans of tomato sauce during supermarket sales. By continuing to track the price of tomato sauce, she can learn the sale cycle: how often to expect those 10/$1 deals to occur. In her area, that’s about every 6 weeks–so she’ll purchase enough on sale to cover her family’s needs until the next sale.

What might be interesting is a hightech version where you create a shopping list that provides links to all the best prices for each item.

Make A Price Book: Save Money at the Supermarket! – [OrganizedHome]

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