Rose pricing online


Buying online can usually save you a decent amount of money. The hardest part of purchasing anything online for me is that I rarely have the patience to wait for it to be mailed. Flowers are no different and can also be purchased online. However, it has been my experience that purchasing flowers online does not save any money. In fact, I have found that it usually costs at least double than purchasing from a store. The following is a pricing summary for roses from the most common online flower shops:

  • $68 for 12
  • $70 for 24
  • $46 for 24
  • $55 for 12
  • $50 for 12
  • $60 for 24
  • $43 for 12
  • $69 for 12
  • $64 for 50+
  • $62 for 35
  • $45 for 25

Flower prices – [Real Simple]

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