Time to flash a genuine smile. This is a day you will learn about how to maximize your hard earned moolah. You will love this post because you will be introduced to credit unions.

What are Credit Unions, anyway? No worries, the question will be addressed upon finishing this post. Now, I know it’s safe to say, all of us have tried using a bank, and more or less, we have seen and experienced what’s good about it and what’s bad about it. Let me elaborate about the negatives for the meantime. Using big banks, 97% of the money you deposit can leave the community. The organization owning the bank can use your money just for anything: Legal fees, bonuses, or even risky investments. The sad part is, you don’t get anything from those investments. Can you believe that, other people benefit from using your money while you’re left out from the picture. That said, you need to heed the call to learn about credit unions.

Look below and see why. Source: Make you money matter. Published by PSCU.
Make Your Money Matter

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