Working in a desk job is not only physically taxing, but creatively stifling as well. Busy work for 8 hours a day, no matter how fulfilling, can get boring. Breaks are often not enough and the day-in-day-out drone can be too much for some people to handle. Typically, getting to the 6-figure salary ($100,000 annually) mark is not easy. It used to require years of climbing the corporate ladder, but that is no longer the case. Some ideas:

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1. Create Software – there are plenty of problems that you can solve with some type of software. You can make a lot of money solving these types of problems.
2. Sell profitable imports – it is easy to make 6-figures by finding and importing profitable products and selling them online
3. Blogging – the number of 6-figure bloggers is amazing. Find a good niche and build an audience that will pay for goods or services
4. Options trading – Wall-Street has long been a place to make a lot of money, but a 6-figure job can be made from home with relevant trading tips and information.


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