How To Eat Healthy & Organic On $7 A Day

How To Eat Healthy & Organic On $7 A Day

$7 a day for any kind of meals is a pretty good effort, but Jean Weiss at MSN Health & Fitness does her homework to provide the healthy and organic options.

The beginning of this article focuses on what foods do what and scouring the supermarket for cheaper alternatives [duh] so I’ll skip you right ahead to the serving suggestions in the link below.

Jean deals us a nice week-long plan, each day with three serves plus snacks. Meanwhile here are her suggestions for some frugal health-food investments:

If you’re committed to eating on $7 a days, you may want to invest in some assistance:
• Rice cooker, as low as $27
• Wok, between $25 and $40
• Glass jars for bulk items, $23 for 36 8-ounce “ball” canning jars
• Extra freezer, if you get serious, $234 for a chest freezer that will hold 10 pounds of frozen food.

Eating Healthy and Organic on $7 a Day – [MSN]

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