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How To Auction On eBay With Max Profit

How To Auction On eBay With Max Profit

If you’re like me you’re an eBay buyer and maybe occasional seller; but we’re no experts. With something like eBay I take advice from someone who’s been battling it out for a few years.

Enter where Mike Panic lists his tips for profitable eBay auctions.

List the item on Sunday. It is a proven fact that listing a standard seven day auction late Sunday afternoon into early evening will give you the best chance of a great auction selling price. More people are likely to be home and you will get the exposure of the remaining part of that day and the entire following Saturday. If you live on the east coast of the US, list it somewhere between 6 and 9pm, this will give people on the west coast ample time to see it. Ideally, you want as many people to see it in the last few hours as possible, which is when most people make the decision to buy.

How to list an eBay auction for maximum profit – [Randomn3ss]

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