How Saving Money Can Be Applicable to Funerals


If you have had a death in the family, it is not always a time where you are thinking about money. With much respect and admiration for your loved one, offering the very best burial is usually high on your list of priorities. However, it is important to realize that funeral companies will charge a lot of money because they know this is true. It is possible to still pay your respects to your loved ones and at the same time save money. Here are some tips and tricks provided by :

1. Military burial advantages – if you have a loved one who was in the military, make sure you take advantage of their free burial status. This can help save a lot of money for the same procedure.

2. Package deals are no good – despite sounding like a great deal, package funeral purchases can end very expensive compared to buying separately.

3. Close the casket – skipping the embalming process could save you thousands on the funeral

4. Cremation – as eastern influence seeps into western culture, it becomes ever more acceptable to use cremation as a way of respecting the dead.

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