Despite the many alternate fuels out there, most of us still use gas. But in the upcoming decades, unleaded gasoline will likely go the way of the dinosaur, so it’s time to get to know the alternate fuels we’ll probably all be using in the near future.

As gasoline has risen from an average of $1 a gallon to $4, gas usage has gone down drastically. In fact, Americans used 13% less fuel in 2012 than they had just five years earlier. This drop will only increase as more alternate fuels make their way into the mainstream.

When comparing the costs of alternate fuels, it’s important to also consider the miles you can get on a full tank of the fuel. For example, it may only cost $2.61 worth of electricity to fully charge a 2013 Nissan Leaf, but you’ll only be able to travel 75 miles on that charge. On the other hand, it may cost $10 to fill a 2013 Honda Civic GX with a full tank of compressed natural gas, but that will take you 304 miles, meaning the cost to travel a mile with either fuel is roughly the same.

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