Finding An Accountant For Your Online Business

Accountants For Your Online Business

Finding a good accountant for your business based on the internet is no easy task. Sometimes even explaining what the internet is to some people can be difficult!

MetaFilter founder Matthew Haughey has a write up on finding a good accountant for online businesses at his [kinda] new blog, Fortuitous. Matthew strongly recommends a program called TurboTax, but also suggests that a real-life accountant can do wonders.

In the end, the big city accountant asked me the right questions and figured out a couple deductions I didn’t know I qualified for, and saved me $1500 below what TurboTax came up with. I probably could have gotten my TurboTax return to match but I probably mis-read one of the hundreds of questions lobbed at me during the online process. The local accountant I wasn’t a fan of turned out to be the worst option, coming up $1200 over my own TurboTax return. I suspect she left off a few business expenses I listed.

How to pick an accountant for your online business – []

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