ProductSifter is a Web site that reviews common consumer products and “sifts” the great products from the garbage products. According to ProductSifter, their reviews are done by independent journalists with “an insiders knowledge of their specialist area.” ProductSifter reviews products within the following categories: gadgets, places, culture, kids stuff, sports, money, driving, and style. The moto of ProductSifter is, “We hunt down the best so you don’t have to.”

Welcome to ProductSifter, a new review website dedicated to sifting good products from bad.

We’re free to use and cover everything from digital cameras to surfboards to London restaurants. In each case we reveal the five best choices in each area.

Why trust our judgement? Because all our reviews are written by respected journalists with an insiders knowledge of their specialist area. Their qualifications and reasoning are there for you to see and their choices are independently checked for balance and accuracy.

The only products we recommend are products that our experts themselves would be happy with.

Do you have any other recommendations on where to go to get a fair and balanced evaluation of a product? If you do, please let us know about it in the comments.

Get product reviews – [ProductSifter]

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