Complaining Has Its Rewards

Complaining Has It’s Rewards

ABC News have a little article about making complaints to companies to get what you want. If you have a problem with a service, you are generally entitled to something and you’ll need to complain to get it.

Wendy Bounds, senior editor of the Wall Street Journal, has some tips in 3 areas.

Cell Phones

When trying to wiggle out of a long-term contract, Bounds said it’s important to look for loopholes — otherwise, you could pay fees to end a contract early which can range from $150 to $300.

“Contracts often have a loophole that says that if there are changes that adversely affect your plan, then you can end the contract early,” Bounds said. “Look for that clause in your contract and then look at your bills. Are there any fees that have been added or gone up? If so, that’s grounds to cancel the contract.”


Bounds suggested flying with one airline as much as possible, so that if you ever have a problem, your complaints will have more weight.

“When it comes to flying, it pays to put all your eggs in one basket. Airlines work hardest to satisfy the people who spend the most money with them,” she said.
With airlines, be specific about what you want and ask for appropriate compensation for your complaint.

Credit Cards

Bounds said that late fees are one of the easiest fees to waive, and consumers should always try to get rid of them.

“They’ll often take it off your bill if you just call and ask politely: ‘I was on vacation, I’m a good customer,'” Bounds said. “This has a good chance of working if you really are a good, reliable customer. This isn’t going to work if you do often pay your bill late. Just as with airlines, the better a customer you are, the more likely they’ll try to satisfy you.”


Also when dealing with airlines [in the US at least] and your flight is delayed, it may help to keep a copy of Rule 240 handy. Here’s why.

How to Complain and Win at It – [ABCNews]

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