Best Product For People Who Can't Save Money: The Living Wallet


Of course you’d love to save money. Your neighbor does, too. I, myself, am dying to save moolah, but sometimes we just can’t. Example — you go to the mall and after walking for long distances, you’ll feel hungry, thirsty. Ahh… there are countless food houses there so the spendthrift side of you wins again. You’ll enter one and satisfy your cravings. Yep, you’d spend the dollars you’ve been planning to save this week. Is this you? Smile, you’re not alone.

After a while, you’d go back window shopping and minutes later, your attention would be caught by a saliva inducing pair of shoes. You stare at it, your mouth drools… You move towards the kicks, grab them in your hands and delight on how handsomely they’re crafted. Then you let out a mix of sighs and moans like when eating yummy food. (Need to clarify this.)

The next thing you know, you’re holding your wallet and ready to buy that eye candy. Here’s the product for you. Commendations to Michelle Lynn Dinh for writing Living Wallet: The high-tech/creepy solution to your money spending problems. This video will show you how the living wallet works.


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