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During the month of January, The Simple Dollar has been posting a series entitled, “31 Days To Fix Your Finances.” The tips have been very helpful, and in celebration of the start of February, The Simple Dollar posted a summary with links to each of the 31 articles. The 31 tips are subdivided into five stages:

Stage 1: Figuring Out Your Goals and Values
Stage 2: Evaluating Your Situation
Stage 3: Building Your Own Life Budget, Not Following Someone Else’s Prescription
Stage 4: Looking at Your Life, Piece By Piece
Stage 5: Setting The Stage For Lifelong Success

It is very apparent that The Simple Dollar put a tremendous amount of effort into creating the series. It has many great take aways and I highly recommend it giving it a read.

Series: 31 Days To Fix Your Finances – [The Simple Dollar]

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