think about what you can do with the money

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We’ve all been there before and many of us are there right now.

And where would that be? Probably not on vacation, enjoying an experience to remember or working to improve our health.

We’re chasing money.

Many cultures preach that once you have a good income stream or a certain amount of money built up then good things will follow. Things like going to great restaurants, taking exotic trips, creating a home immersed in entertainment options, and freedom from the fear you’ll have to take a hand out.

Fact: Money is the primary pursuit for most of us from the time we finish high school to the time we retire.

Is this relentless chase the only way it can be or should be? You might not like my answer but you will get some actionable steps to improve your relationship with money.

Why Chasing Money Is Worse Than Dogs Chasing Cars

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