Everyone can afford to save some money here and there, and these 13 money saving tips could help you save up to $11,000 a month -that’s not chump change. Of course, if you want to save that kind of money, you will need to make some sacrifices. Shutting off your cable service can save you over $1000, but it can also be a pretty hard for die hard TV fans and carpooling may be inconvenient, but it can save you some serious cash -over $1300 to be exact.

Like most lists of money saving tips, not all of these tips will work for all people. For example, you can’t refinance your mortgage if you don’t have a mortgage and ditching your gym membership only applies if you have a gym membership. That being said, if you do as many of these tips as possible, you’re certain to save something.

money saving tips

Small savings can add up and big savings can feel like winning the lottery, just without all of the taxes: 33 Painless Ways to Save Money Now


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